Home Additions That Will Improve Your Quality of Life

Embarking on a home improvement project and enlisting the help of quality remodeling services is one of the best decisions you can make this year. After all, you spend most of your time indoors. To help you choose between the different renovations you can make, from garage door repair to installing new siding, here are some home additions that’ll improve your quality of life.

1. Home Security Systems

There’s nothing as comforting as knowing that you’re protected and within reach of medical response, the fire department, and the police. Modern home security systems are interconnected and can send out prompt notifications when appropriate. They also make it possible to keep an eye on your home using a computer or phone while you’re out and about. A great deal of peace of mind comes with knowing that you, your family, and one of your most significant investments are safe and secure.

2. Introduce More Natural Light

You can allow more natural light into your home by installing accordion or sliding doors, dormers, skylights, large windows, or a combination of the bunch. Windows’ placement is important. The direction of your home with respect to the rising and setting sun, and the surroundings, all have an influence on when and where light can constantly penetrate your home.

In order to counteract Seasonal Affective Disorder (a type of sadness that typically occurs in the autumn or winter when the days are shorter—also known as ‘winter blues’), allowing more natural light into the home might inspire you and improve your mood. Ample natural light also aids in regulating circadian rhythm, which enhances sleep and allows you to enjoy all the positive effects of sound sleep on the body and mind.

3. Sound-Reducing Building Materials

You’re likely aware of the positive effects that a little silence can have on your mood. Excessive noise is one of the greatest stressors. It has been linked to increased depression, anxiety, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

Installation of features such as double-pane windows, sturdy doors, effective weather sealing, block walls, thick flooring underlayment, soundproof insulation, reinforced ceilings in multi-story homes, reinforced flooring (for raised foundations), and landscaping performed by quality remodeling services can help to create a quieter, more tranquil sanctuary free from the noise pollution outside of your home’s walls. Being able to lower the outside sounds produced by nearby equipment and machinery, barking dogs, or traffic will give you a sense of calmness, tranquility, and peace. Getting rid of internal noises like squeaky doors and flooring or pounding feet from the second floor will stop these ongoing irritations, which can get quite stressful over time. A quiet home also makes it easier to sleep.

4. Privacy Features

While humans are social beings, you occasionally need time alone in a quiet setting where you’re free to let your hair down and simply be. Exterior elements that may offer a lovely privacy barrier from neighbors and bystanders include fences, tinted windows, shrubs, trees, and walls. The private outdoor spaces will make for a nice environment for letting go of the day’s stressors and recharging your batteries.

If you’re creative, alone time in your private yard can help you create. Additionally, having the ability to ‘get away from it all’ increases our feelings of freedom and autonomy, two essential parts of happiness. With the added layer of privacy, you can be comfortable in your natural state, whatever that means for you.

When you can be in your most authentic state without worrying about how others see you, you can relax completely, which is a key aspect of living a quality life. Installing privacy features such as window treatments, tinted windows, walls, and fences through quality remodeling services also acts as an added layer of security by keeping animals, people, and prying eyes out.

5. Environmentally Friendly Building Materials and Home Features

You can reduce your carbon footprint and utility costs by integrating eco-friendly features such as water reclamation systems, tankless water heaters, energy-efficient appliances, solar panels, and using recycled building materials and low or zero VOC paints. By incorporating these things into the design of your home, you’re contributing to protecting the environment and the welfare of future generations. Saving money on your monthly electric and water bills will also give you a sense of achievement; it’s like landing on a great deal every 30 days.

6. Buy Durable Appliances

One of the finest investments you can make during your home improvement project is to get high-quality, durable appliances. Doing this will lower the likelihood of needing costly replacements and repairs down the road. Additionally, you won’t have to stress about mishaps or frequent malfunctions that can instantly ruin your day.

Durable appliances fitted with the latest technological advancements will make your daily tasks considerably simpler and more productive. Rather than frustration, installing durable appliances with the help of quality remodeling services will make you happy and relieved because your monotonous everyday activities get less tedious.

7. Buy Furniture That Encourages Proper Posture

Proper posture significantly impacts your overall mental and physical health. While it may be tempting to use your laptop while relaxing on the couch or in bed when working from home, over time, these habits can negatively affect your posture, causing headaches and back problems. To encourage proper posture, consider investing in a nice ergonomic chair.

Your muscles will receive better support, and your blood circulation will improve. You’ll also seem taller and feel more confident with a good posture. Do your research on ergonomic furniture, then choose the appropriate pieces to improve your posture and fend off some frequent health issues. You can consult quality remodeling services for advice on the best furniture pieces for improving posture.

8. Start Growing Your Own Cooking Ingredients

Another home modification that may significantly enhance your physical and emotional well-being is starting your garden. Growing your own vegetables and fruits and using them in your cooking will give you more control over ensuring you eat a balanced diet. Gardening is also a great way of relieving stress and anxiety.

You can relax and divert your attention from the issues bothering you. There are several easy-to-care-for fruits and vegetables that are suitable for beginners. So, even if you lack experience, you can maximize your gardening efforts and enhance your overall quality of life.

9. Install LED Lightbulbs Throughout Your Home

Installing LED, energy-efficient lightbulbs with the help of quality remodeling services will significantly reduce your monthly energy bills. If you continue to use standard incandescent light bulbs in your home, it’s possible that you’re using a lot more power than is actually necessary. LED lights have a substantially longer lifespan and consume less energy.

When you choose to add this feature, you’ll reduce both your energy bills and replacement lightbulb costs. However, since technology is constantly developing, LED lightbulbs may eventually be able to last even longer. When this happens, you’ll realize even more significant savings.

10. Put the Space Under Your Stairs to Good Use

If your home features a staircase, the space below it is likely empty. However, you can use it for just about anything with a few clever design approaches. For example, you can have quality remodeling services install shelves for displaying your photos, trinkets, or book collection, which is a great way of adding color and valuable storage space. If you’ve been wondering how you’ll deal with the clutter in your living room, you can install pull-out drawers where you can store your toys, games, shoes, or sporting equipment when not in use. A notable benefit of the drawers is they keep items hidden but still accessible.

11. Invest in Smart Assistants

Another great home addition to consider is integrating smart assistant technology like Amazon Alexa with the help of quality remodeling services. Doing this improves usability and accessibility, particularly if you live with people with disabilities. You can use Alexa in conjunction with Spotify and a Sonos system to control your music system from wherever you are in the home.

These systems can also inform you of the weather forecast and give quick Google-like answers. If you live with an elderly person who’s experiencing mobility issues, Alexa can allow them to turn lights on and off without having to get out of bed to flip a switch. The great thing about this is such modifications are quite affordable

12. Temperature Control

While it plays a key role in the quality of life in a home, the ability to control indoor temperatures easily and quickly is an often overlooked aspect of home design. Even if your home is exquisitely designed, you’ll hate every minute of living there if it gets sweltering hot or bitterly cold inside.

Thankfully, there are several ways to stop this from happening. In some cases, the home’s structural layout might have a positive impact. When it is constructed to avoid the intense midday sun, for instance, or when quality remodeling services install a solar film on the picture windows so the family can take in the view while enjoying a comfortable indoor temperature

Installing air conditioning (HVAC) in every room of the house is another practical way to improve temperature control. This way, you can control the temperature in each space independently, giving those in your home more freedom over how warm or cool they want their personal spaces to be. It can also improve indoor air quality.

While it’s possible to install an HVAC system after building construction is concluded, most modern structures have integrated systems built in during construction. Just keep in mind that, regardless of when your air conditioning was installed, you must stay on top of its maintenance and repair needs, especially before the summer’s heat wave hits. Otherwise, you risk having a system that you can’t use or isn’t effective.

13. Integrate Renewable Energy Sources

Knowing that your energy comes from clean, renewable sources can also significantly improve your quality of life. In fact, this is a problem that affects all of us and extends well beyond individuals. To that end, you can either buy a home with the ability to produce its own renewable energy already built into it or add systems later on.

Solar energy is one of the most widely used since practically every type of property has roofs or walls constantly exposed to the sun. However, solar energy isn’t your only option. More people are constructing homes over or near sites rich in thermal energy. It can be used to power all the devices and appliances you need in your everyday life.

Another benefit of having a house that can generate its own energy is that you may sell any extra you don’t use by connecting it to the grid. Something that gives families access to affordable electricity or extra income, both of which can unquestionably improve the quality of life for those who live there.

If you’re thinking of a generator installation, go for environmentally friendly options such as natural gas generators. They are known for their lower carbon dioxide emissions. These generators also produce lower levels of sound pollution.

14. Consider Installing a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are well known for their positive effects on mental, physical, and emotional health. Having a soak eases tension and anxiety, which has a positive, outward impact on the rest of the family. Even if only one family member gets in the hot tub in a day, the resulting positive attitude will spread to the entire family. What happens if everyone takes a bath? Happiness in full circle is not far off.

Using a hot tub can also result in more restful sleep, which means more energy during the day, allowing you to live it to its fullest. When purchasing a hot tub, ensure you visit multiple local hot tub dealers to explore all your options. Once you find what you’re looking for, it’s best to have quality remodeling services or reputable local plumbers handle the installation to avoid causing damage. You’ll also likely need some new drainage solutions.

15. Landscaping

A little landscaping with the help of local landscapers can go a long way. A well-landscaped yard presents a neater, more pleasant appearance. Everyone wants to get home to a warm, cozy, and welcoming space after a long day at work.

Landscaping can help you achieve this. Lawns and other landscape elements introduce much-needed vegetation to your property. Besides improving your home’s curb appeal like new siding, they also clean the air.

Landscape offers a chance to bring nature home. On a front lawn, the beauty of the natural elements, grass, plants, rocks, and water pools—evoke a feeling of relaxation. Daily walks through your beautifully manicured lawn can improve your memory and concentration power.

If you have trees on your property, consider hiring the services of tree arborists. They’ll work to promote the health of trees on your property so you can enjoy their beauty without worrying about safety hazards. These specialists will have everything they need to perform tasks like tree trimming, pruning, and removal. As part of their professionalism, they’ll also have a network of dumpster services they work with, so you are left with a clean landscape after each job.

Your home’s features significantly impact your overall quality of life. The home additions listed in this read can make your home much more comfortable, physically and mentally. However, you must work with quality remodeling services to reap the benefits.

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