What Is Pesticide Resistance?

If you raise plants outdoors professionally or produce food for your household, or just as a hobby, you know how much difficulty insects can create. To make things worse, some insects can become pesticide resistant. To help gardeners like you understand why and how this happens, Dr. Denise DeBusk created this informative video.

Be sure to check out her video on pesticide resistance, or read on to learn more.

What is Pesticide Resistance & How Does it Happen?
Pesticide resistance is what we call it when an insect has an immunity to one or more types of pesticide.

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All it takes is a single insect in a population to have a genetic mutation that makes it resistant to pesticides, and for that insect to breed and create a serious problem for your crops.

Because insects have rapid life cycles, they can evolve quickly. Once a pesticide-resistant insect breed, tens, hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of insects will emerge with pesticide resistance.

Once the second generation of pesticide-resistant insects is hatched, the problem will grow at an exponentially rapid rate. So, how can you deal with this problem? See Dr. DeBusk’s video, and subscribe to her YouTube channel to learn more.

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