Modern Home Improvement Projects to Begin After an Infestation

Pests can be detrimental to health. They can also interfere with the structural integrity of your property, increasing the chances of collapse. That said, home renovations after infestation are essential to disinfect the surfaces, improve the house’s strength, and eliminate the pests for good. Need help to figure out where to start? Here are modern home improvement projects to begin after an Infestation.

Check Your Essential Equipment

Pests and bugs can chew up your electrical appliances’ wiring, resulting in a short circuit. Also, their waste may corrode electrical contacts and circuit boards, putting your electrical devices at risk of premature burnout. So, after a successful battle with pest infestation, you should call an electrical specialist to inspect and repair your electrical devices.

The water pump is one of the commonly infested devices in a home, as it contains moisture and warmth—the essential conditions for the breeding of pests. If you own one and it becomes a victim of an infestation, you should contact a reliable water pump repair service to check and correct any electrical damages before the pump fails.

The water pump repair services professionals are trained and experienced in handling almost all types of pumps. So they can diagnose and repair the underlying problems the first time. If the water pump has malfunctioned and it’s beyond repair, they can recommend the best replacement and ways to avoid pest infestation in the future.

Hiring a water pump repairs expert also protects you and your family from safety hazards that would probably result if you took the DIY route. For best results, hire a water pump repair company with reputable reviews for workmanship and customer service.

Check Your Water System For Contamination

After eliminating pests from your house, the chances are that some of the pesticides escaped into your home’s water storage systems and faucets, contaminating them. To avoid the effects of water contamination, hire one of your local water treatment companies to test and treat the water before using it.

Is hiring water treatment companies worth it? Yes, the experts from the water treatment companies are trained and experienced in conducting and delivering the most accurate water testing results and removing pesticides from water. They can also recommend other modern home improvements to implement in your place after infestation.

If you use tap water directly from the borehole, the professionals can test it and install water filters to remove impurities. Zero impurities in drinking water would mean better health. It will also elongate the life of the components in your plumbing system. Consequently, you will end up spending less money on plumbing repairs.

To reap the most benefits, ensure your water cleansing company has certifications for quality service from the government and other professional bodies. Alternatively, look at their customer testimonials on the websites and social media pages to get a clue of the quality of service you can get from each candidate.

Address Any Air Quality Concerns

Another modern home improvement worth considering after infestation is cleaning the air duct system. Typically, pests can creep through the gaps in the unsealed ductwork and convert the HVAC duct into their habitat. While using synthetic pesticides helps in killing and repelling these pests, it can compromise indoor air quality, risking the house occupants of serious health problems.

So if you had hired a pest control company to treat your home, you should hire a cleaning company afterward to execute air duct cleaning and repair the damaged sections of the HVAC system. Cleaning your ductwork improves indoor air quality by removing dead critters, cobwebs, dust buildups, and other debris blocking the air passage.

Additionally, professional duct cleaning removes pesticide remains and microbes that may affect your well-being. The absence of disease-causing organisms and allergens means you will spend less on medical bills. It also means increased home comfort and longer life.

Take Care of Wiring Issues

Pests like rats can chew electrical wires as they grind their ever-growing teeth. By doing so, they risk disconnecting the flow of electric current and causing a severe fire outbreak.

Critters, like roaches, on the other hand, deposit their corrosive waste in electrical contacts and control modules of most appliances, which may cause short-circuiting. Hiring a professional electrician to inspect and repair your electrical devices should top your modern home improvement project plans after infestation.

Working with a licensed electrician comes with numerous benefits. First, being licensed means, they have the right expertise to troubleshoot and resolve any problem in your electrical system without posing any risks to you and your family. They can also inspect the components in your electrical system to ensure they are at par with the local code.

Secondly, most licensed contractors are insured. That means that the electrician’s insurance company should compensate you for any losses caused to your property due to errors by the electrician. Depending on your agreement, electricians can provide preventive maintenance to ensure energy efficiency in your home. Before engagement, compare different electricians’ customer reviews, credentials, and implementation plans to choose the one whose qualifications match your needs.

Repair Piping Problems

Any leaky pipes in your home can make your home a perfect oasis for flying termites, carpenter ants, silverfish, earwigs, and roaches, among other pests. One way to avoid the recurrence of pest infestation is to hire local plumbers to assess and repair the problem areas in your plumbing system.

Professional plumbers offer multiple services. For instance, they can repair leaky pipes, bathtubs, toilets, HVAC components, and washing machines. Hiring one can be a great way to implement multiple modern home improvement tasks at a lower price.

Experts from local plumbing companies also have access to quality tools and equipment. They can have you covered whether you want to conduct a sewer system inspection, unclog blocked drains/pipes, replace water faucets, or renovate the bathroom. Professional plumbers can also suggest solutions for getting rid of the pests for good.

To get the best plumbing company:

  • Advertise your need for plumbers with your local publication
  • Check the credentials of different plumbers (applicants) to pick a licensed plumber who best matches your needs
  • Remember to use past customer reviews insights of how it can feel working with each applicant before selection

Recreate Your Exterior Space

After killing or repelling pests from your home, you should call a landscaping company to examine and treat what could attract pests.

Why outsource landscaping services? Professional landscapers have the right expertise for landscaping maintenance. They can improve curb appeal by designing your yards with trees, flower beds, grass, stones, and other modern home improvement features. They can also keep pests out of your space by:

If you

  • Removing overgrown tree branches to prevent pests from entering your home
  • Trimming grass to discourage their breeding
  • Treating the grass and other greenery to stop pests from spreading
  • Eliminating shrubs which may be potential hosts for pests
  • Weeding to encourage healthy growth of the grass and other greenery
  • Using natural repellants like citronella oil, garlic solution, and chalk to keep pests away
  • Installing bug-repellant lights to keep insects at bay

To enjoy the most benefits, hire a reputable and licensed landscaping company to manage the lawn on your behalf. The following steps will help you find a reliable landscaping company:

  • Outline your landscaping goals (in our case, our goal may be bug and pest control)
  • Research the local landscaping contractors and notify them of your need
  • Interview the contractors
  • Choose your top prospects and ask them for their referees (past customers)
  • Choose the prospect with the best customer testimonial

Update the Existing Systems

Pests can enter a residential garage too. If they do, the bugs can destroy your belongings and compromise the structural integrity of the garage. Worse still, they may enter into your living space if not stopped.

So, renovating your garage should come at the top of your mind when considering modern home improvement projects to begin after infestation. Garage upgrades include new garage door installations, caulking cracks, repainting the interior walls, and repairing visible damages.

Though seemingly simple, most of the above upgrades require expert execution to avoid future infestation and damage to the garage. Getting a reputable garage door company should be less of a hassle. Ask your local and online friends on social media platforms for referrals. Then, interview all the companies on your list to choose the one with the best combination of expertise and implementation plan.

Invest In Home Protection Projects

After infestation, you must consider ways to protect your home to avoid future infestation and damage. One way to prevent insects from entering your house is to repair or renovate your roof if it shows signs of pest damage. Contact a local roofing company to inspect and design the best renovation for your roof.

Besides preventing insects, renovating your roof will improve your home’s energy efficiency. It will also enhance the curb appeal and the value of your home, increasing the chances of a quicker and more profitable sale.

Another modern home improvement project is capitalizing on regular home cleaning. Typically, insects are more attracted to moist and dirty areas, and regular home cleaning is a sure way to avoid them. So, find a residential cleaning company to clean all corners of your space, including the duct and HVAC systems. Residential cleaning companies have the right expertise and equipment. So you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.

Installing bug-repellant lights can also protect your home from pests. Find a local light installation company to assess and change the lights in your home. The experts from light installation companies have expertise and access to the best bug-repelling lights. So you can rest assured that your lighting system is in safe hands.

Another way to secure your home from critters is installing a privacy fence at least six feet high. While a wooden or polyvinyl fence may not bar all insects from entering your compound, it can deter large animals, which are the primary carriers of most pests, from entering your compound. So hiring a fencing company to install or renovate your fence is vital in preventing pest infestation in the future.

Cater To Minor Damages

Pests can cause minor damage to various parts of your home; for instance, termites and carpenter ants can leave unsightly holes in the walls, while others, like bed bugs, stain the walls leaving permanent and unsightly marks on them. You must repair these damages as soon as possible to reclaim your home’s interior beauty and structural integrity.

Hire a home repair company to inspect and repair any damages in your interior space, and then find professional interior home painters to finish your home interiors with quality paint. One advantage of outsourcing modern home improvement services from licensed companies is that they have a skilled and experienced workforce who don’t go wrong in their undertakings. They also offer long-lasting home improvement solutions.

For instance, following pest infestation, interior home painters may clean any stains and debris off the walls, fill any dents and then apply a bug-repellant paint that will last for decades. All you need is to communicate your modern home improvement goals in advance.

Repair/Renovate the Attics

The attics insulate homes for efficient heat regulation and interior comfort. However, these areas tend to be frequented by pests and rodents due to their warmth. As such, you should always hire an attic insulation contractor to assess and repair your attic after infestation.

Why hire an attic contractor when you can DIY the operation? Attic contractors know the suitable materials to apply during the renovation to prevent future pest infestation while ensuring maximum insulation. Additionally, attic contractors comply with the insulation regulations, relieving you from huge penalties for non-compliance.

Another benefit of hiring attic installation professionals is that they are accustomed to working in risky environments. Usually, installing an attic is a complex task for an amateur, and doing it yourself might risk you falling through the ceiling. However, these professionals know what precautions to uphold to ensure their safety and that of other home systems.

Final Thoughts

Renovating your home after an infestation is a great way to reclaim your home’s interior comfort and improve its value. We have outlined the modern home improvement projects to try after infestation if you are getting started. Ensure you implement all of them efficiently by finding the right contractor.

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