How to Prepare for a Full-Home Fumigation

Renting a portable restroom is the way to go when planning an outdoor event. This video shows it’s super convenient and won’t break the bank. So, how many restrooms should one order from porta potty rental in Winter Haven, FL? The general rule of thumb is one restroom for every 100 guests. Having at least three restrooms is best when hosting an event for 300 people.

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Another key factor is how long the event will last. If it’s going to be a 4 to 6-hour extravaganza, there’s a need to hire enough restrooms to keep everyone comfortable.

The restrooms must be the right size; otherwise, guests may feel claustrophobic in a tiny little box. And nobody wants to wait in line for ages either. So, event hosts must review the guest list and estimate how many people will attend. That way, it’s easier to order enough units.

Next up, location is key. The portable restrooms shouldn’t be hidden away in some dark corner. They must be easily accessible and visible to everyone. Nobody wants to play a game of hide and seek when nature calls. Finding a convenient spot for the guests won’t disrupt the event flow is super-important.

On the other hand, portable restrooms save millions of gallons of water each year. And they help protect the surroundings by keeping human waste contained.


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