How Does Pest Control Work?

Pest control works in so many ways. The video shows a series of processes involving different techniques to get rid of pests. While spraying pesticides is the most common method of eliminating pests, other methods are equally effective.

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Pesticides work by either killing or repelling pests. And, you can use these chemicals from inside or outside the house.

Besides spraying pests, baiting is yet another effective method. Baiting involves positioning poison baits at strategic locations. These places could be where the pests are known to live or use as entry or exit into the house.

The most rampant pests that have specific entry and exit points are rats and cockroaches. As such, once the baits are fixed on those areas, they work to entice and attract them (rats and cockroaches), and as they eat, they die.

Some pest control methods are advanced. They involve the use of either heat or cold. In extreme heat, pests, such as spiders and bed bugs, tend to come out of their hibernation. On the other hand, cold weather eliminates such pests by freezing them.

Lastly, it’s proper to understand that pest control methods are diverse. Some may also involve using traps to catch such pests that seem to bring discomfort in the house constantly. These traps are further categorized into mechanical and chemical traps. The latter serves to trap large pests like rats, whereas chemical traps are applied when there’s a need to kill or repel such pests.


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